All images copyright © of Ruben "Babby" Quiñones

Rubén “Babby” Quiñones

I was born and raised in puerto rico. Living close to the ocean, i connected with the sport of bodyboarding at a very young age. This contact and experience of riding waves has been my main focus throughout my life.

My personal artistic journey is a by-product of my absolute passion for nature and the world. Being a pro- bodyboarder has enabled me to travel all around the world, and this contact has given me an international and curious perspective that shows through my artistic manifestations.

I have been filming for over a decade and for the last five years photography has been my main focus. Through my camera, i have been able to create intense textures and perspectives. My work reflects my lifestyle a 100%. I live what i shoot and shoot what i live. It is a primal response: my photography is pure instinct.